Make working from home work for your business

What are we about?

OffPOD is a business established to improve the 'work from home' experience by working directly with both employers and employees. We are aware that not everyone has the ideal living space to also accommodate a home office, therefore we have designed our collection of luxury OffPOD's to make working from home as comfortable as it can possibly be without taking up valuable living space. The directors of OffPOD have over a decade of experience in engineering, consumer relations, business development and quality control so you can rest assured that you are working with the right people.  

Our research shows that the average cost of office space in the UK is £394.90 per square meter a year. Meanwhile, the legal minimum requirement of space in a UK office is five square meters per person — meaning UK businesses spend an average of £165 monthly per employee. However, the recommended size for a standard workspace is actually nine square meters per person — putting the average monthly coster per employee up £296  (£3,554 annually). In and around the London area these costs can more than double

Implementing social distancing, as well as other safety measures taken during during the COVID-19 pandemic could cost businesses a staggering £5,450 extra per person per year.

Our OffPOD's are extremely competitively priced meaning we can have them fully installed and operating for as little as £160 per month.

"Why can't I work from home!"

Is a common question asked by many frustrated employees making the daily grind of a morning and evening commute. A staggering Nine in ten (91%) employees would prefer to have the option to work remotely, according to research by Eskenzi PR.

Yvonne Eskenzi, founder at Eskenzi PR, said: “This survey shows that for the first time ever, people have had a taste of working from home and they love it because they’re more relaxed, they don’t need to travel and can spend time with their family and pets". Interestingly, a third of respondents think the ideal working week would be betters pent half at home and half in the office.

Take a look at our promo video below to better understand what we're about.

"Working from home is not ideal for everyone"

Surveys show that 70% people who are against working from home claim that there working environment is not sufficient enough to carry out the job effectively. A common occurrence is working in unsuitable parts of the house, such as the kitchen table, as they do not have a designated office space.

Sometimes having an escape from the main part of the house during working hours can be beneficial to a persons mental well being in addition to allowing that individual to be more productive.

What are we offering?

We want to provide a solution to many of the working from home drawbacks by offering a dedicated working space where your employees can maintain the productivity levels expected in a normal office environment. 

What makes OffPOD so special?

Our OffPOD's offer the flexibility that most on the market cannot match. For starters our pods our semi-portable, meaning they can be assembled and disassembled over and over again, this is useful when wanting to move the pod from one employee to the other. Even the base can be moved with ease as we use Groundscrew's which leave no permanent damage on the landscape. We also use materials made to last, which means no wood! Installation of an OffPOD can be completed in just one day.

'Our Pods can be moved from garden to garden'

How can this benefit my business?

Having staff working from a designated working spaces (whilst at home) can be hugely beneficial to a company. An increase in productivity, less stress, improved mental health are just a few benefits that an employee can gain which ultimately has a positive effect on your business.

'Our pods can be offered as a company perk when trying to recruit new talent'

We also believe it could be a great bargaining tool when trying to recruit new talent to your company. Job applicants are more likely to be enticed to a role if the contract has company perks. By offering potential new recruits an office pod, you are essentially freeing up all important floorspace in their home that would otherwise be used as an office.

The process...

Step 1. Talk to us

We'd love the opportunity to be able to present to you and tell you why OffPOD is right for your business. 

Step 2. Choose a payment structure

You determine the payment structure. Some business' will prefer their employees to pay as a salary sacrifice, others offer it as a perk included in their contract.

To simplify things we offer a 3 tier package system, different packages result in a different specification for the Pod, you can determine what level of specification your employees can choose meaning no nasty surprises.

It's at this step we will also introduce you to our Leasing provider where they will carry out all the relevant credit checks.

Step 3. Put the feelers out and place orders 

We'll send you a personalized e-flyer which you can distribute to your employees to gauge interest, there will also be an order form for them to fill out with their relevant details. We'll then confirm the details with you before contacting the employee directly.

Step 4. The rest is on us

We'll then arrange an installation date with the employee and take it from there, we'll handle all technical enquiries, repairs  and overall customer care.

How much will an OffPOD cost?

Not as much as you may expect, especially when you factor in the high cost of commercial office space. The duration of the term as well as the deposit is flexible (minimum of £1200 for Compact and £2200 for Exec).

Price example for a 3.0m x 3.0m OffPOD installed and ready to go:

Deposit- £1200
Term- 5 Years
Monthly Payments- £160 (when factoring in tax relief)
Monthly Payments at end of term reduce to £80

Price example for a 4.6m x 3.0m OffPOD installed and ready to go:

Deposit- £2200
Term- 5 Years
Monthly Payments- £215 (when factoring in tax relief)
Monthly Payments at end of term reduce to £110