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Our garden room designs can create an amazing and unique environment for businesses, charities, local government services, recreational facilities, and more.

OffPOD Commercial

OffPOD manages the design and construction of buildings for public and private sector clients, including charities, local government services, recreational facilities, and more.

From our office in Burton on Trent, we serve a great diversity of markets and industries. We have a solid focus on our client's 'OffPOD journey', which is designed to be as seamless as possible en route to us creating a high-quality end product. Due to the utilization of light gauge steel frames our buildings are typically more cost-effective and completed much faster than traditional wooden and brick and mortar structures. 

Commercial Conference Room

Commercial  Conference Rooms

If your current business premises feature open-plan layouts that hinder your ability to conduct peaceful meetings, consider the construction of an external commercial garden room as an ideal solution. This innovative addition offers a truly independent and serene space within your property.

For important meetings, job interviews, or staff evaluations, a commercial garden room serves as an excellent choice. It allows you to transport your clients or employees to a more serene and focused environment right on your premises. This dedicated space fosters a conducive atmosphere for discussions and decision-making, free from the distractions and noise that can often accompany open-plan office setups.

Incorporating a commercial garden room not only enhances the professionalism of your business but also demonstrates your commitment to creating a productive and comfortable environment for your team and clients alike.

Areas for Visitors

Commercial garden rooms are also perfect for organisations that require marketing suites, tourist centres, or even a separate welcome space. Private housing projects are an ideal example of where a construction business might meet potential homebuyers away from the construction site. You may even include the garden room in the property sale after it's completed!

Commercial Garden Room for Vistors

Commercial Garden Rooms Have
Several Advantages

Here are a few examples of how OffPOD commercial garden rooms might benefit your company.

Luxury Commercial Garden Rooms

Let's make your commercial garden rooms a reality.
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