Our Process

Below is a  full description of our 10-point customer order process, that will take you from the initial enquiry all the way to the completion of your Garden Room.


This may at first seem like a lengthy process. However, we have created this fully comprehensive customer journey to ensure that the product is right for you installed on time, and engineered to the highest of standards.



To start your exciting OffPOD journey, be sure to enquire via one of our methods below:

Your enquiry can have as much or as little detail as you like. If you don't know exactly what you want, its not an issue, we have designers & architects at hand ready to help create your dream garden room!

Customer ordering a steel frame garden room
Client speaking with customer about metal frame garden room



Following your enquiry, a member of the OffPOD experience team will be in touch to get things moving, which, depending on what suits you, can be a phone call, video call, or a site visit. 

The main purpose of the consultation is for you to understand what OffPOD is all about, and for us to understand your requirements, so we can help create a bespoke luxury garden room, that's right for you.

During the consultation, we will go through every detail of your garden building, from foundations & construction to extras & options.  We will help you buy a garden room, not try and sell you one!

Remember, OffPOD offers a full turnkey solution including; planning applications, all aspects of building regulations, and even demolition work when required. We understand many of our clients like to keep everything under one roof.


Initial Quote

After the consultation, it's time for us to get to work, generating your bespoke quote using the details gathered from our recent discussions. 


The initial quote will detail a full breakdown of what's included and the Terms & Conditions to ensure full transparency right from the start.


Amongst many other things, we pride ourselves on efficiency. Buying a garden pod, is an exciting time and we don't like to keep our customers waiting around. As long as there is nothing too technical about your build you will have your price within 24 hours!

Close up of steel framed garden room quotation form
surveyor taking notes on steel frame garden room


Site Survey

The site survey is a vital stage of the process, as it allows us to fully understand the build conditions, such as the foundation requirements, electrical installations,  site access, any hazards or obstruction. 


By completing a site survey we ensure there aren't any unwanted surprises that will slow down the building of your garden room.  What we really love about site surveys is the chance to meet our future clients and build lasting relationships. We cant wait to meet you!


Final Quote

Following the site visit, we will amend and finalise the quote if need be. Now it's time for you to decide if we are the right people for the job..... we hope we have made a good impression!  

If you are completely happy with the quote and would like to secure your OffPOD build, we will require a 30% deposit. We can then give you an installation date and it's time for the countdown to begin! 

Business document - Quotation. Paper for sign. Quotation on white background.jpg
Steel frame garden room with bifold door and full length window next to swimming pool


Order Package

Within 24 hours of receiving the deposit, things really start heating up. We will get straight to work on your order package, which will include the following details:

  1. Full technical drawings 

  2. Professional exterior & interior renders (Very Exciting)

  3. Order

  4. Terms & Conditions

This is the stage where we go through more of the finer detail, such as where the sockets & light placement,  window and door locations etc. 


Order Review

Once you are happy with the details in the order package, especially the technical drawings, it's time to sign off the order.

From this stage, it normally takes 8-12 weeks for the installation to be completed.  

Interesting Fact- Over 20% of OffPOD build dates are actually brought forward. A surprise which most people welcome!

Customer completing contract for a garden room with side shed
Steel frame garden room being manufactured in the uk



Now that we have your order and the technical drawings signed off, the steel frame can be precisely manufactured and fabricated in modules off-site.  

Within a week of your order package being signed of all materials for your luxury garden room should be ordered,  labour allocated to your build, and bespoke steel frame being processed.  Things are now really starting to take shape!



This is usually the most exciting time for our customers as they finally get to see the product they have been waiting for. 

Builds usually take around 5-7 days depending on the size and complexity of the job.


The first part of the build will start with the foundations, shortly followed by the erection of the steel frame. By day 1-3 the foundations and steel frame should be complete and the building will be completely water tight


By day 2-3 the first fix should be completed, meaning the electrical cables are run and the walls are plastered 

By day 4-5 the build should be at second fix, meaning all lights and sockets are fitted, the garden room has power, any electrical extras such as air condition or underfloor heating should be fitted. 

After the second fix is complete your luxury garden room is ready for decoration which is the final stage

Installers building and L shaped garden room in crawley
Corner garden room with black composite decking in the summer


Final Sign-Off

It's handover day! This is the final stage in the process, where we take you for a walk around the building to ensure you are happy with every aspect, which we are sure you will be,


Once you are happy, and only if you are happy it's time for you to take the keys and move in. How exciting!

So whether it be a garden studio, garden gym or a garden office it's now yours to enjoy.

Our Promise to All Our Customers

1. Our prices will never change halfway through a job. The price is the price. 

2. There will be no disappearing workmen halfway through the day to attend another job, as we will never have your installation team working on multiple installations at once. Your team is your team until the job is done. 

3. We are working on your schedule and not you to ours. A deadline is a deadline. 

4. We have really pushed ourselves to deliver a high-quality product at the best price. Built to last and built to enjoy.

Lets create your dream garden room.
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