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Frequently Asked Steel Frame Modular House Extension and Garden Annexe Questions

  • How Long Does Building an OffPOD Modular House Extension Take?
    On average, our home extension projects take about four weeks to complete. However, we've successfully constructed 3m x 3m modular house extensions in as little as two weeks! The exact duration can vary based on specific project requirements and site conditions, but we always aim to deliver with efficiency and precision.?
  • Do I need planning permission for my OffPOD Garden Annexe?
    No, in most cases, you don’t. Our garden annexes typically qualify under the Caravan Act. This means we can secure a Certificate of Lawfulness for your annexe, even if your property is in a conservation area, AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), or is a listed building. As part of our comprehensive service, we handle this process on your behalf, ensuring peace of mind and convenience for you.
  • Will my OffPOD need special maintenance?
    Due to carefully selected materials, every OffPOD house extension, annexe or garden room needs little to no maintenance.
  • Does my OffPOD come with a Guarantee or warranty?
    All OffPOD's come with a 10 year structural warranty.
  • How quickly will you resolve any problems with my OffPOD?
    In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your OffPOD, we guarantee to be on-site as soon as possible.
  • Do I need planning permission for my OffPOD house extension?
    Determining the need for planning permission isn't always cut-and-dry due to various factors involved. However, many house extensions can be constructed under "permitted development" rules. For a comprehensive understanding, please refer to our permitted development blog article.
  • Does OffPOD carry out demolition work?
    Yes, we will carry out like demolition work such as the removal of conservatories, garages and existing extensions to make space for your OffPOD modular home extension. Check out our Builds In Progress gallery
  • Will an OffPOD modular house extension add value to my home?
    Absolutely! Just like a traditional extension an OffPOD modular house extension will add value to your home and increase its appeal.
  • Will you carry out all supply and waste connections for my Granny Annex?
    Yes, our turn-key offering means that we will carry out all supply and waste connections required for your garden annexe. This includes installing waste pump stations if we required.
  • Are OffPOD modular house extensions non-standard construction?
    This one requires a more detailed answer: 1. Non-standard Construction: The term "non-standard construction" refers to any building method that differs from the conventional brick and tile method widely adopted in many regions. So, when we say that steel frame house extensions are classed as non-standard construction, we're simply noting that they are built using a method that isn't the typical brick-and-mortar style. 2. Misconception: The term "non-standard" might inadvertently give off a vibe of being 'inferior' or 'less reliable'. But that is a misconception. Being non-standard simply means it's different, not necessarily less durable or less desirable. 3. Mortgagability: In the realm of property finance in the UK, lenders diligently evaluate the potential risk associated with the loan. A vital factor in their assessment is the construction type, including its durability, anticipated repair costs, and future market appeal. Fortunately, steel frame house extensions have steadily gained popularity and recognition for their resilience and long-lasting qualities. As more homeowners opt for these modern extensions, the familiarity and trust in such constructions have been on the rise, enhancing the confidence of lenders in their longevity and marketability. This evolving perception makes them an attractive proposition for both homeowners and financial institutions 4. Modern Standards and Certifications: While steel frame extensions are considered non-standard, they are constructed in accordance with the latest building control standards. This means they meet the rigorous requirements set by building regulatory bodies to ensure safety, durability, and efficiency. Furthermore, being "fully certified" indicates that these constructions have undergone inspection and assessment by qualified professionals, attesting to their quality and compliance. 5. Relevance for Mortgage Providers: Given that these steel frame extensions are built to high standards and are certified, many mortgage providers are likely to view them favorably. As long as the construction can be shown to be sound, durable, and in line with building regulations, it shouldn't necessarily affect the mortgagability of the property. In conclusion, while steel frame house extensions are categorized as non-standard construction, this should not be a direct cause for concern regarding the mortgagability of the property. As long as the construction is to the latest building control standards and is fully certified, it showcases the extension's quality and compliance, making it just as desirable as standard constructions for many mortgage providers.
  • Can I create a completely bespoke garden annexe or house extension?
    Yes, we offer a completely bespoke service. You imagine it, and we create it!
  • What if access is limited to my garden?
    No problem! With determination and innovation, we always find a solution. If your garden presents accessibility issues, rest assured we'll devise an alternative method to construct your annexe or home extension. In previous projects, for instance, we've had wall modules delivered in a disassembled state, transported through the house, and then expertly reassembled in the garden. Your dream extension is always within reach with our team by your side.
  • What type of foundations do you use?
    We utilise ground screws as the exclusive foundation method for our modular house extensions, annexes and garden rooms. Not only are our ground screw foundations fully compliant with building control standards, but they also offer a speedier installation compared to traditional footings. Furthermore, they present a more environmentally friendly alternative, minimizing ecological impact
  • Why do I need a site visit?
    We need to conduct a site survey to ensure everything goes smoothly during installation. We will check things such as accessibility, location and identify any additional equipment that may be required.
  • Do I need to place a deposit?
    We require a 30% deposit payment on orders. However, for projects requiring planning permission, an initial 10% deposit suffices to initiate the process and reserve your build slot. Should your application not be approved, we will refund your deposit in its entirety, deducting only the costs related to the planning application.
  • How much is delivery?
    We don't do unwanted surprises. Delivery is free anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales!
  • How long will my OffPOD last?
    We have meticulously designed our OffPOD's to stand the test of time. The structure of our buildings will last you a minimum of 60 years.
  • Do you have a showroom?
    In order to keep costs low we do not operate a showroom. As a result we are able to offer our customers the best value in the market.
  • Why do I need a site survey?
    We need to conduct a site survey to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible on your installation day. We will check things such as accessibility and identify if any additional equipment will be required for your installation.
  • Can I have underfloor heating?
    Yes, we offer both wet and electric underfloor heating as an option on all our OffPOD's.
  • What Areas Of The Country Do You Cover?
    We proudly stand as a supplier that offers premium modular house extensions and granny annexes across the entire UK mainland. Experience the best, wherever you are.
  • Do you offer finance?
    We previously held a consumer credit license, but our research has shown that more competitive rates can be found through online and traditional brick-and-mortar lenders. OffPOD Granny Annexes and modular house extensions have become a popular choice for those seeking high-quality additional space. If you're looking to finance for business purposes, we suggest consulting with your accountant or financial advisor to determine the most tax-efficient financing method—whether that's lease purchase, leasing, a business loan, or outright purchase. For those seeking personal finance, our builds meet modern house-building standards. This ensures that clients can access a variety of financing options, which we're happy to recommend.
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